Cllayees 9″ Wooden Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush Set with Cue Shaft Cloth Slicker Cleaner

Price: $12.99 Brand: cllayees

  • A Complete Set – Our package includes billiard rail brush, billiards table brush and cue shaft cleaner.
  • Useful Brushes – Our billiards pool table and rail cleaning set can keep dust and dirt away from your billiard pool table and rails. You can clean every corner of Billiards Pool Table easily.
  • Nylon Bristles – Our Brushes use high quality nylon bristles which is gentle, smooth and will not scratch the surface of your billiards pool table.
  • Cue Shaft Cleaner – The Cue Shaft Cleaner is designed to keep your shaft clean and smooth as well as ensure a consistent stroke.
  • Easy Storage – There is a pre punching hole in the handle of each brush for convenient storage. You can hang them on hooks.

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